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Manage applications and transfer files between personal devices
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ALLPlayer Remote is an application developed by ALLPlayer that offers to its users an easy way to control various desktop applications and media files from an Android or iOS smartphone, via Wi-Fi.
In order to start using the application, AllPlayer Remote needs to be installed on both devices, your desktop, and your smartphone. Another way to connect the devices is via the Internet, by using a live code.

The application's UI is not very enchanting, it has a menu on the top-side, with a six-button tab and very few customization options, all covered by a black color theme.

The features it comes packed with are File transfer, Connection monitoring, Device monitoring, Connection statistics, and Clock. The File transfer function allows users to transfer files between devices and can be done either by clicking on a button or by dragging the files. Next, with the Connection monitoring feature, you can view programs' data traffic or if the download speed is the one declared by your ISP.

Moreover, the Connection statistics shows the amount of data uploaded and downloaded in a given day and in the current month, and the Clock feature can automatically shut down the computer at a given time, disconnect the Internet connection, do a system reboot, hibernate or act as an alarm clock.

In conclusion, ALLPlayer Remote is a small application that uses low disk space, low system resources, and has limited features and customizations. Besides, it delivers everything you expected from it, and above all, it's free.

John Saunders
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  • Allows users to transfer files between devices
  • Has a feature to view programs' data traffic
  • Uses low system resources


  • Has limited features and customizations
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